Exercise 3.3

May 2, 2019

Due by Thursday, May 9th at 4:30pm

Describe your revision plan for your scholarly research essay. List at least the next three steps you need to take, explaining why you must take each step. Post the steps you intend to take as a comment to this post.

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11 Responses to “Exercise 3.3”

  1.   Shira Fagan said:

    1. Read through my essay and comments from professor and students, see what’s missing and where to take action
    2. Bring in more research and connect it more to my exhibit
    3. Separate some paragraphs that were to long, make sure I did ICE and PAS
    4. Have a peer read it over with the rubric to see what else needs to be added or taken away

  2.   kareem rashad said:

    I think my first step is to revise my main points of the essay and the thesis statement and see if I developed my argument or not. I have to make sure also that I supported my argument with the relevant details and evidence. I have to make sure also if it’s related to my exhibit or not. Make sure also that I used PAS in my essay. And finally, read my paper out loud to see if there any mistakes.

  3.   Donte Tucker said:

    1.Reread my working thesis and try to find more/better source material.

    2.Try to refine my ideas to a concise point

    3. Get one of my friends to read it over and give me a second opinion, hopefully someone who is critical.

  4.   Amit Singh said:

    1) Carefully read the comments made by the professor and make the necessary changes to better fulfill the completion of the paper.

    2) I have to make sure each of my points that I make in the paper support my thesis. I have to make this clear as to how it relates to my thesis.

    3) Make sure I carefully proof read and fix any small issues, such as citations, correct format, MLA bibliography, header, etc.

  5.   Shlomo Mansbach said:

    1) add one or two sources including possibly interviewing the suicide hotline and or “most people don’t know what to say to drugs” commercial.

    2) elaborate more and clarify my current source material using PAS.

    3) Fix internal citations and work cited.

  6.   Andriana Drimona said:

    1.The first step that I need to take is to review my sources and decide which ones I am going to use.
    2.The second step that I need to take is to think about where I am going to insert the sources in order to strengthen my argument.
    3.The third step that I have to take is to pay attention, when I will be writing the essay to have clear ,and not very long sentences.

  7.   Yesenia said:

    1)Read my essay out loud

    2)Find out if my ideas are clear and properly organized

    3) Scan any grammar errors

    4) Make the necessary changes

    5) Repeat the above steps

  8.   Mayra Correa said:

    I first need to read my rough draft again and correct any misspelled worlds and write it in present tense. I also need to give more supportive examples that support my theses. I need to take my time when I provide examples and not rush through it, I need to talk more about my examples and not move on to my next point/or source .

  9.   Matthew Murawski said:

    1) Have my tutor re-read my essay, she will help me to improve my thesis
    2) I might have to change my movie to another movie/ show
    3) Proof read, revise, and make necessary adjustments

  10.   FRANK LOPEZ said:

    1. After further review of my essay I want to talk more about VanGogh’s feelings instead of what others thought of him.
    2. I need to cite my sources.
    3. I’m going to revise my title and introduction.

  11.   Nirmala Yusaf said:

    1. Reread my thesis
    2. Get source materials
    3. Read loud
    4. Look for grammar and spelling

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