I hope everyone had a good spring break! We are officially in the final stretch! I just wanted to send an update as to what to expect for the rest of the semester.

  1. Please come to class today, Tuesday April 30th prepared having read the first 12 pages of Stating What Others Are Saying (available on the website).
  2. If possible, try to bring in some of the source material you are considering using! I will be giving you time to engage with it in class. You should also bring a writing device.
  3. Your rough draft of Paper 3 is due in class in hard copy Thursday, May 2nd.
  4. For class on Tuesday, May 7th please come prepared having finished reading Stating What Others Are Saying (available on the website).
  5. There will be no other readings due for the rest of the semester!
  6. Exercise 3.3 is due Thursday, May 8th!
  7. Course Evaluations are up! As you are aware, your final paper is due in hard copy on May 14th, HOWEVER, if I get 10 course evaluations prior to May 14th, I will extend the deadline to Thursday May 16th and it may be submitted electronically. Course evaluations can be found: www.qc.cuny.edu/evaluate
  8. Please remember that if you have not attended a 15 minute meeting with me yet you must do so before the end of the semester!
  9. See you all soon.
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