1. Please remember that your Essay 2 is due to me in HARD Copy in class. Each day it is late starting at the end of class it is marked down 1/3 of a letter grade
  2. Your homework, Exercise 3.1 is due Thursday, April 11th before class time.
  3. Please bring a computer or tablet or fully charged phone to class with you on Thursday, as we will be using them.
  4. On Tuesday April 16th, we will meet in the Rosenthal Library at 4:40pm in room 225. To get to room 225 in the library you enter the library through the main doors (this means you must have an active QC ID Card).
  5. On Tuesday April 16th, all students are expected to stay for the whole class time as we will be using the “conference group time” to do research. Please make proper arrangements.
  6. The Zero Draft for Essay 3 has been cancelled. Instead Exercise 3.2 is due Thursday, April 18th before class time.
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