Exercise 2.3

April 1, 2019

Due by Thursday, April 4th at 4:30pm

Post your revised thesis for Essay 2 as a comment to this post. Then identify all the sub-points in your thesis. These sub-points should be developed and supported in the analysis paragraphs of your essay. See the example below:

This advertisement is telling its viewers that they can increase their social status (1) and add exceptional adventure to their lives (2) by purchasing Land Rover vehicles (3). To convey this message, the advertisement symbolizes a culture foreign (4) to its Western viewers (5), appealing to their fears that they are living unexciting lives (6). The Land Rover logo provides a solution to this fear (7); by buying a Land Rover, the viewer can escape a regular lifestyle and experience exotic cultures that only few can afford to enjoy.

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11 Responses to “Exercise 2.3”

  1.   Frank Lopez said:

    The advertisment is telling the audience to watch a different movie every week. 1.Monster movies are meant to scare you. 2. every Saturday night on channel 11. 3. Targeting the audiences fears 4. in the metropolitan area. Mainly people that stayed home to be safe. 5. The semiotics used in the advertisements, monsters and what we may have portrayed as true, is mostly false illusions with bits of truth. 6. The audience faced their catharsis by building the courage to watch. 7. Chiller theater tries to satisfy the suspense and mystery you seek. 8. Watch Chiller theater and be safe at home while you learn how to deal with life’s illusionary monsters.

  2.   Yesenia said:

    The “Humans are among us” advertising is telling their audience that humans can also be monsters. This monstrous conduct might just be a reaction to the fear of the unknown and of what is different (1). Also, men have always been monsters when it comes to fighting over power and mass control (2) and that is why the aliens on the ad are so terrified. The creators of this ad wanted their audience to see the concept of monsters from the perspective of who have many times been portrayed as the beings who want to harm us, humans (3). The Sci-Fi channel responsible for this ad also wanted their audience to consider them as a network that thinks outside the box (4).

  3.   Kareem Rashad said:

    The “Other halves” advertisement it telling to the audience that even though a lot of people use technology in their jobs and in a lot of services that benefit the people and the world, technology is a monster that affects people’s lives if they get addicted. 1)It always appeared that monsters tend to scare you because we are used to the scary monsters the “old fashioned monsters”.2) But in this advertisement, the monster is the phone, which’s way different than the normal monster, but it’s really effective the way it shows us how a device can control a person and keeps him addicted to something.3) The advertisement is telling also teenagers to not get addicted to phons as it shows in the ad the naked girl with blood coming out of her eyes and she lies upside down that shows us how bad is it. 4) The advertisement shows how teenagers stay in their own bubble and eventually they get depressed.

  4.   Shira Fagan said:

    1. This advertisement is representing the social inequality, 2. is intended for the young, elite classy socialites 3. interested in romance, action between a male and a female 4. portrays social inequality through the background and title 5. By being “invited,” one gets that higher status that every human strives for

    Thesis: This advertisement is representing social inequality and is intended for the young, elite classy socialites who are interested in romance, action between a male and a female. It portrays that social inequality through the background and title so that by being “invited,” one gets that higher status that every human strives for.

  5.   Latisha Depaul said:

    The “CDC’s” ad is a strategic crusade that ensnares and manipulates the viewer into formulating a negative connotation about a product through visual shock and influencing the behavior of the viewer through guilt. 1. Whoever smokes cigarettes will either lose their lungs or legs. 2.The fear created by the ad has almost certainly ensured that no one views smoking as a good habit. 3.Therefore, to prevent this and to ensure that one isn’t a social pariah he or she must not smoke and those who smoke should refrain immediately.

  6.   Amit Singh said:

    Intel’s advertisement is a sign of the company being associated with racial and stereotypical uses to promote their new product. 1)They do this by demonstrating racist beliefs in their advertisement. 2) The use of a white man in a superior position being centered around black athletes helps convey this message. 3) Also, the need for Intel to pair speed and black athletes demonstrates the use of stereotypes being used. 4) Intel reveals that Race and gender portray an idea that society is upheld by a white individual in power, followed by less “important” people.

  7.   Matthew Cattaneo said:

    The “Being Human” advertisement is playing on the inherent human desire to be more than human. To convey this message, the advertisement 1) draws comparisons between the doctor and the werewolf, making the werewolf appear more “manly”. The monster in the ad, despite evading categorization, is 2) more relatable to the viewer than the human in the ad, the doctor. By playing on fear, the ad 3) wants the viewer to feel sympathy for the werewolf, and place the viewer in the shoes of the werewolf. Finally, the ad shows the werewolf is ostracized in the world of Being Human, giving the viewer the ability 4) to think of how they are ostracized due to their own differences.

  8.   Mayra Correa said:

    My advertisement is to inform drivers that driving in the rain is scary and dangerous. The way the the advertisements shows drivers is that 1) the advertisement has an Audi with small writing that says “rain sensor as standard” this portrays that if you have an Audi with rain sensors it will inform you when there is monsters, 2) The advertisement is praying on people’s fear by the advertisement being dark and cloudy skies 3) Unknown monsters become monsters, when it rains it creates monsters outside the dripping rain is causing the car behind to look like a monster.

  9.   Andriana Drimona said:

    The advertisement makes the viewers to understand that the monster that this image implies is the pollution of the environment(1) that has come to the point to jeopardize a plethora of the species of the earth(2). To convey this message it presents a turtle that seems injured and has a bag stuck on its head(3). The injured turtle creates feelings and thoughts to the viewer about this social issue and motivates them to do something about it(4).

  10.   Matthew Murawski said:

    The “Protect yourself” ad is telling its audience that you should protect yourself from having children because the consequences of having children can be scary. (1) The thought about having children can be scary for some people. (2) The ad itself looks scary, the silhouette of the little girl with her hair let down like the Grudge. (3) After looking at this ad people may be encouraged to protect themselves when having intercourse. (4) if someone is planning on having children, maybe she is now having doubts

  11.   Nirmala Yusaf said:

    The “Hell Fest” advertisement image imply that 1.the amusement park is a great place to have fun with you friends. 2. By going into the park it is going to be a scary place to be with you friends. 3. It symbolize the spotlight of the amusement park. 4. To the western view it is dare to go in. 5. The taught of going in is hell or hair raising and very scary. 6. It provide satisfaction to a desire. 7. It is fulfilling to have experience your desire.

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