Exercise 2.2

March 26, 2019

The purpose of this exercise is to improve the organization of your argument by making your PAS outline more specific.
Due by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, March 28th

Carefully re-read the Effective Paragraphing handout. For the formal draft of your lens analysis essay, you were asked to write out the PAS outline of your essay. For this exercise, you will revise it to make it more specific. To clearly explain what a paragraph is doing (in terms of PAS), you must specify what is being presented, analyzed or synthesized. For example:

Presentation. This paragraph presents a summary of “Masters of Desire,” an essay exploring how American advertising reveals core features of American culture.

Analysis. This paragraph analyzes the wildebeest eyeballs in the center of the advertisement to argue that it is “monstrous” according to Cohen’s definition of the term.

Synthesis. This paragraph complicates the viewer’s understanding of the advertisement and draws a preliminary conclusion about the message of the advertisement.

Submit your revised PAS outline as a comment below. Start off by copy-and-pasting your thesis, then write out the specific function of each paragraph in your draft as demonstrated above.

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9 Responses to “Exercise 2.2”

  1.   Yesenia said:

    Humans can also be monsters

    The first two paragraphs of my essay are all about presentation: Both paragraphs describe all the characteristics of the ad titled “Humans are among us” which was intended for a Sci Fi channel from Italy.

    Paragraphs 3 and 4 are analysis: Paragraph 3 analyzes relates Noël Carroll’s citation of author Mary Douglas about how she defines cultural categorization with men’s fear of the unknown which might explain the monstrous behavior of men. Also, this paragraph analyses Jeffrey Cohen claims about how political and ideological difference is a catalyst to monstrous representation in cultural alterity, to support the idea that men have always channeled the mentioned fear into violence so that they could forcedly exert power over others.
    Paragraph 4 analysis explains that even though we humans might not consider ourselves potential monsters, we might as well be captivated by the idea if depicted as a fictional concept as it was depicted in this advertisement. This idea is supported by Carroll’s claims about how even though we might be horrified by the thought of Dracula, that does not commit us to believe in his existence.

    I have not develop a complete synthesis paragraph yet.

  2.   kareem said:

    The Monsters of technology
    ” Is that even though a lot of people use technology in their jobs and in a lot of services that benefit the people and the world, technology is a monster that affects people’s lives if they get addicted”
    The first two paragraphs of my essay are presentions paragraphs, they simply describe the characteristics of the advertisement in a very simple way. Describing all that I have seen from the first look the font and what is the girl is doing with her phone.

    Paragraphs 3 and 4 are analysis: I started eventually going more deeper into the advertisement and describing every detail in the Ad and how is that is related to monsters. I described how the girl is addicted to the phone by saying the light that comes from the phone appears that’s is not the only light she has, which means that the girl is dedicated to the power that comes out from the phone.
    paragraph 4: I think it’s pretty much a synthesis paragraph and analysis, which’s I continued describing the Ad based on all the information and the messages that the Ad explicit to the teenagers which are the intended audience for my essay. I also wrote a whole conclusion about what the advertisement wants to say in the same paragraph I connected the whole ideas and information gave early in this paragraph.
    Paragraph 5 and 6: Are analysis paragraphs which I related in them to Cohen and Solomon and how they are related to my advertisement through what I have learned from ” Monster culture” and ” The nature of horror”.

  3.   Mayra Correa said:

    My First 2 paragraphs are the presentation. In the first paragraph i introduce my theses. I also introduce Monster Culture and Master of Desire to support my theses. In the second paragraph i gave a full description of the advertisement ( When it rains things get scary)

    The third paragraph is Analysis. I use Monster Culture to support my theses. I said Cohen states that “monster live within us and we create our own monster.

    While going over the PAS outline i realized i do not have a synthesis paragraph. This is something i have to work on.

  4.   Amit Singh said:

    Intel is associated with promoting racist advertising by making the monster in the ad the white man.

    The second paragraph is my presentation paragraph. I introduce the monster in the ad and make the connection using Cohen and Solomon’s writing. I also include the thesis in this paragraph, as well as the intended audience. The rest of my paragraphs are analysis paragraphs. The beginning of the third paragraph, I talked about status symbols and then analyzed how it relates to my ad. I follow a similar outline for the rest of my essay. i think I should split my paragraphs into two separate paragraphs. This way, it can be more organized and easy to follow, instead of cramming multiple ideas in one paragraph. I did realize I am missing a synthesis paragraph, which will be added.

  5.   Matthew Cattaneo said:

    “..the werewolf is the “man” a man would aspire to be aesthetically. Despite the monster being frightening or uncategorizable, for some they would be more tempted to be the monster in the advertisement than their fellow man.”

    Presentation: Introduction of the essay and topic of advertisement by first providing description of how many advertisements average American citizens see. Discuss how ads contain implicit and explicit messages.
    Presentation: Description of the advertisement without any analysis. Describe all elements of ad including text.
    Analysis/Synthesis: Dissect advertisement, discuss werewolf’s look in comparison to the doctor in the ad. Discuss how the werewolf looks superior when compared to the doctor, aesthetically and physically.
    Present: Introduce Cohen and his thesis of monster’s refusing categorization. Relate to the werewolf in that the werewolf in the advertisement is relatable due to implied human emotions. Introduce Solomon and compare to his analysis of the Porsche campaign with what car would you be?
    Analysis: Utilizing Solomon once again, introduce how the ad is a type of guilt advertisement, by having the viewer of the ad relate to the werewolf instances where they were going to apologize for something they may be have done in the past, due to greed or base desires.
    Analysis: Using Cohen’s sub-thesis IV, discuss how monster’s are the gate of difference. In the advertisement, even though monsters seem to be common place in the world, they may still be viewed as outsiders, based on the doctor’s fearful look of the werewolf. Once again state how this may relate to the viewer of the advertisement.
    Synthesis: Compound onto the central thesis that Being Human means to be better, and this ad promotes this idea because the werewolf would be the next step possibly. Piggyback off of Solomon’s myth of machine argument.

  6.   Andriana Drimona said:

    Presentation: This is the introductory paragraph that presents my thesis statement and a brief description of the advertisement. These two pieces of information are going to be analyzed in the upcoming paragraphs.

    Analysis: This paragraph describes the advertisement further and points out some characteristics that the viewer of the advertisement observes by taking a closer look in the ad. Thus, zooms in on smaller features.

    Analysis: This paragraph analyzes the feelings and thoughts that are triggered in viewer’s minds when they see the ad.

    Analysis: This paragraph analyzes the consequences that the advertisement might have in peoples lives or even the actions that might be caused by this ad.

    Analysis: This paragraph contains information relevant to the thesis statement. Also, it has one clear point and tries to analyze the thesis sentence.

  7.   Matthew Murawski said:

    Presentation: The ad shows a monster but the subtext is that children are the real monsters. Not “real” monsters but the thought and responsibility that comes about having them.

    Analysis: Im going to be using Solomin and Cohen. Im going to be discussing the american dream is to grow with a family and have children, but this ad shows otherwise. Possibly changing people minds about having children.

    Synthesis: Finish off with the positives about having children. (That’s all I have so far)

  8.   Frank Lopez said:

    “Ad’s of this kind work by creating symbolic associations between their product and what is most converted by the consumers to whom they are addressed” (Solomon 403)

    Present: The introduction to the essay shows the “Chiller” advertisement which terrified me as a child. The image itself reflects to points and examples mentioned throughout the essay. Between my first and second paragraph I also give some history on the “Chillers” as far as the year it was aired and the intended audience.

    Analyze: The third and fourth paragraph dissects the purpose behind the advertisement’s audience. For example, it further explains why my short story in the introduction about my life growing up in New York relates to both Solomon and Cohen’s point. The show aired on two big channels in New York, 5 and 11 which targeted to other New Yorker who were also going through hard knock’s in life and seeing the show gave them something to relate to.

    Synthesize: During the year’s “Chiller” was aired I was just a child. The persecution and manipulation that the producers used was strong and detoured me from ever getting a chance to enjoy it with my dad. As a child the semiotics used gave me the wrong ides, perspective and signs of the show. The use of advertisement used for this show never gave me the chance to realize that this show was a comedy series and not something that was going to add hate, deceit, fear, coercion and manipulation to my innocent brain.

  9.   Nirmala Yusaf said:

    Presentation: Are my first two paragraph. In the third paragraph I am going to introduce my thesis.

    Analysis: I am going to used Monster Culture to support my thesis, stated on Thesis VI: Fear of the Monster Is Really a Kind of Desire

    Synthesis: the monsters in ourselves are both admired and disgust at time. We are afraid of what is being project like the amusement park rides.

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