Essay 2 Formal Draft

March 13, 2019

Due by EMAIL by 4:30pm Thursday, March 21st


  1. Review the guidelines for the Lens Analysis Essay and the guidelines for naming and formatting essay drafts detailed in the course syllabus.
  2. Write an introduction in which you carefully describe the exhibit and offer your thesis as an argument based on your knowledge of the advertisement and your observations. Your thesis should specify the implicit message of the advertisement as well as the intended audience of the advertisement. It should take you roughly 2 paragraphs to develop your thesis.
  3. Over the course of your formal draft, carefully analyze specific aspects of your advertisement using lens analysis whenever possible in order to develop and support your opinion about the messages of the advertisement and its intended audience.
  4. Include a Works Cited list on a separate page using MLA style.
  5. Include a self evaluation at the end of your essay.
  6. Please bring a hard copy of  your essay to class on Tuesday 3/26
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