Zero Draft Essay 1

February 7, 2019

The goal of this exercise is to produce a very rough draft (a “zero draft”) of your first essay. This will help you find raw material (i.e. potential evidence and rough ideas) that can be refined and further developed in your formal draft.

Due in Hard Copy Handed to Me in Class Thursday, February 14th


  1. Read the Essay 1 Prompt
  2. In one paragraph, offer a summary of “Monster Culture (Seven Theses).” Ensure that you define what Cohen means by the term “monster.”
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. Who is Cohen writing for?
    2. What is one reason you think Cohen is writing for this audience?
    3. What is another reason you think Cohen is writing for this audience?

Please note in order to properly and thoroughly answer the above questions you should gather ample amounts of evidence from the text in the form of quotes. You should also consider why this proves your point that Cohen is writing for the audience you think he is writing for and not any other audience. You should try to be as specific is possible. How you answer these questions should be very rough and messy. You should feel free to answer in the form of bullets, notes, or quick listing. You should not be presenting polished perfect paragraphs. 

4. Include a one-paragraph self-evaluation  in which you briefly explain what challenges you are encountering as you attempt to develop your argument, and how your understanding of Cohen’s essay has been deepened and/or been complicated since the first time you read it.

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One Response to “Zero Draft Essay 1”

  1.   Nirmala Yusaf said:

    1. A summary of “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)”
    In summary, towards “Monster Culture (Seven Thesis)” by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen in my opinion is that we create our own monster within and spread monstrous stories to our children and society. That is why there is no ending and in every generation a new monster will appear.

    Cohen means by the term “monster” are;
    Vampires – anxiety that condenses like green vapor into the form of the vampire
    – Bram Stoker – Book 1898 – compelling sexuality
    – Nosferatu – Film 1922 – fascism homosexually created pop culture
    – Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Film 1992 – AIDS Awareness
    – Vampire Diaries TV Series 2013
    – Twilight Book and Movie
    Yeti across Tibetan
    Ogre of Mount Saint
    Aberration or Abnormal,
    Culture – Hebrew or Jews, Muslim
    Women – feminine
    Sexual Identity – heterosexuality over homosexuality
    Skin color – black – malformed bodies
    Fragmentation of stories

    1. Who is Cohen writing for?
    Cohen is writing for College Students.

    2. What is one reason you think Cohen is writing for this audience?
    Cohen is writing for this audience to be aware.

    3. What is another reason you think Cohen is writing for they audience?
    Another reason Cohen is writing for Cohen college student audience is the words he used is was unfamiliarized words in which college students need to used a dictionary to know and understand.

    Self-evaluation: The challenges I encountered while reading “Monster Culture (Seven Thesis)” is the words at the beginning of the reading where I had to used a dictionary to find out what was going on. Next I was not familiar with Vampires movies so I find it a little difficult to understand that section. Other than that it was an overall good read. I actually enjoyed it.

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